5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Try Our Natural, Healing Dog Paw Balm...

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Why you should totally try our dog paw balm...

So, we've worked really hard to craft a product that we're super proud of and want to shout about to whoever will listen! Soft Paws was basically born out of our love of animals and a genuine care for their well-being so it's only right that we're doing all we can to spread our message far and wide!

  Why Try Our Natural Healing Dog Paw Balm - MyPamperedPup

We were so excited about telling the world about just how great it is that we couldn't even wait to write about it and wanted to scribble them down on a piece of paper as quickly as possible!

5 Reasons To Try Our Natural Dog Paw Balm:

  1. Our Soft Paws paw balm is all-natural and organic. That means there's no unpronounceable chemicals or hidden nasties - what you see is what you get, a gentle (yet powerfully healing) blend of oils & butters for your dogs paw pads.
  2. It's handcrafted. Yes, each and every pot is carefully made by hand. Every. Single. One. 
  3. It's not only handcrafted, it's handcrafted by people who are really nice and who genuinely care about the welfare of animals everywhere - this isn't some big business looking out for themselves, we're a small online retailer and by supporting us we can support those animals in need.
  4. Soft Paws smells literally amazing. Aside from the comments we get about it it really works when it comes to moisturising your dog's paw pads, the next comment is always about how great it smells (it's the beeswax and peppermint oil that make it soooooooo good! Keep that to yourself though...). 
  5. Soft Paws really works! It's true, our blend of ingredients really does make a huge difference to dry, cracked & damaged dog paws. They deeply penetrate and start to moisturise and heal from day one! 

Convinced? Head on over to our Soft Paws Dog Paw Balm and try it for yourself! The incredible reviews by our amazing customers tell you everything you need to know! :)




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