5 Tricks for Keeping Your Dog-Friendly Home Odour-Free and Super Clean

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Pets bring so much joy to a home; there is always a happy face waiting for you at the doorstep. Unfortunately, pets also smell and leave quite a mess. Maybe you’re used to the smell, but other people will notice it if you don’t clean your house and your dog more often. Moreover, homes with dogs have more bacteria in them than in homes without dogs. But don’t be despair because it’s possible to have pets and a clean house at the same time. If you follow these suggestions, your home will be both a happy and a clean place.

Control The Fur

As much as you love your dog, you don’t want to see its hair in your food, on your clothes or on your furniture. So, daily brushing is necessary, along with pet vacuuming. Since the goal is to keep your home clean, you should brush your pet outside in order to keep the fur build-up in your home from getting out of control. Using pet vacuums can be a very useful tactic because most of them contain turbo tools and an attached portable device for stairs and cars. Finally, block off access to certain rooms, especially those with carpets.

Get Rid of the Smell

Just like humans, dogs have a smell too, but the problem is that they can’t shower and clean up after themselves every day. Maybe you’re used to your pet’s smell, but your guest will notice it. So, what can you do? For example, you can air all the rooms regularly, use scented candles or sticks, or even air fresheners. However, if you’re searching for the most effective solution with long-lasting benefits, a mould air purifier by Oransi will be perfect for you. Not only does it remove the unpleasant smell, but it also keeps the air fresher, gets rid of dust, dander, mould and allergens floating around your room.

Keep Your Dog Clean

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It seems obvious, but you have to bathe your dog more often in order to keep your house clean. Pets rub up against your furniture and leave dirt and bacteria around the house, so you have to clean them more frequently. Also, you should wipe your pet’s paws with a damp towel or baby wipes whenever you return from a walk and finish this care routine off with a generous amount of soothing dog paw balm. If you do so, no mud or dirt will be spread around the house, so you will have less cleaning left for tomorrow.

Clean Your Pet's Dishes

Just as you clean your dishes every day, you should do the same with your pet’s dishes. If you leave a dirty bowl for a few days and continue giving food to your dog, it can start smelling pretty bad. At least try to rinse and wipe them on a regular basis. Remember, dirty dishes can become a ground for masses of bacteria, so keep both the dishes and the floor around the eating area clean.

Keep Up with the Laundry

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No matter how well your dog behaves, there’s always going to be hair floating through the air and landing around your home. If you want your clothes and your home to look fur-free, you have to do the laundry more often. So, put your pillows, throw blankets and curtains in your washing machine from time to time, together with your clothes. Also, lint removers are really helpful because they will keep your furniture and clothes hair-free. You can use them for any kind of textile, so lint removers can help you even when your washing machine lets you down.

Although living with a dog can be challenging, having a dog for a friend is priceless. Cleaning and health are connected, so you have to keep your home and pet dirt and bacteria-free. Maybe it sounds like you have a lot of work to do, but if you clean the mess regularly, you will always have a clean and happy place everyone loves!

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