Behind The Ingredients Of 'Soft Paws' Paw Balm: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil!

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Our paw protection balm for dog's cracked paws is a carefully handcrafted blend of ingredients we're super proud of creating. Explore how the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil in Soft Paws, our healing paw balm, makes a real difference to your dog!

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil In Soft Paws...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dog Paw Balm - MyPamperedPup

We use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil as a key ingredient in Soft Paws dog paw balm as it’s renowned for its deeply penetrating, skin cell moisturising properties. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is also the highest quality and most expensive type of olive oil.

We needed a special, deeply moisturising oil in Soft Paws dog paw balm, we don’t believe in using any filler in our products so each ingredient needs to work hard to penetrate deep into the skin cells of the paw and heal from within.

Why Olive Oil?

We use olive oil as a key ingredient in Soft Paws because of its deeply penetrating, moisturising abilities. Olive oil has been used as a skin treatment for thousands of years – it’s been a best kept-skin secret for years, but now, the secret is out!

Our choice was naturally Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, this is important because it has to be produced in a special way without using chemicals of any kind or temperatures that will destroy the moisturising and healing properties of the oil.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect ingredient for Soft Paws as it’s full of naturally occurring, strong antioxidants that are hypoallergenic and full of vitamins E & K which help to repair and renew the skin to be softer, firmer and healthier. Oxygen-related free radicals produced by the skin of the paw pads cause damage to the skin cells and break down the pads causing dryness and cracks – coupled with an active lifestyle mean that pads take a double-hit of damage; the antioxidants in olive oil works to deeply repair this damaging effect.



How olive oil helps soothe, moisturise & heal your dog’s paws...

We’ve handpicked the essential, plant-based oils and butters that go into making Soft Paws the best dog paw balm for cracked, dry and damaged dog paws. The key to making the healing balm so successful is plenty of moisturising ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin of the paw to promote healing and damage repair in the short to medium term, but that also ensure that paws are kept supple and nourished in the long-term.

Olive Oil is super moisturising! The high-fat content in olive oil means it penetrates deep into the cells of the skin, delivering oil right into to where it does its work best. The oil acts as a shield of moisture to keep the skin hydrated and allow the other healing ingredients of Soft Paws such as vitamin E heal the damaged areas more effectively than if they were left to skin into the skin on their own – olive oil acts as a great carrier along with the ultra-healing coconut oil.

It’s also packed full of antioxidants! Olive oil contains vitamin E, vitamin K, polyphenols and phytosterols, all these make for one powerful skin treating super oil! In our skin, these powerful antioxidants provide an anti-ageing effect; it’s the same principle when used as a dog paw balm application. These benefits restore the skin’s moisture, repairs cell damage and restores the skins smoothness. Hydroxytyrosol, which is very rare but it found in extra-virgin olive oil, prevents skin damage from free radicals. Whats more, the natural antioxidants in olive oil complement the extra vitamin E oil we add – double the healing power!

Olive oil doesn’t clog the pad skins’ pores. Many paw balms and paw treatments contain water or petroleum-based moisturisers, these are cheaper when used commercially, but they have a negative effect in that they block pores which mean your dog wouldn’t be able to sweat through them and comfortably regulate their temperature. The other side effect of clogged pores is it can exacerbate skin conditions and irritate your dog. Olive oil doesn’t clog-up the skin of the dog’s pad – instead, the oil deeply penetrates whilst cleaning away dirt and bacteria and remaining breathable.

Ready to experience the benefits of Soft Paws healing dog paw balm for yourself?

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