Behind The Ingredients Of Soft Paws Dog Paw Balm: Organic Shea Butter

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Behind The Ingredients Of Soft Paws Paw Balm: Organic, Unrefined Shea Butter

In our Soft Paws paw balm, we handpick only the finest, natural and organic ingredients and one of those ingredients is organic, unrefined shea butter. We use this as it has various properties that are beneficial to our canine friends, and obviously, we only use the unrefined and organic version!

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is actually derived from a nut! And that nut comes from the African Shea Tree. When it is in its raw form it tends to be yellow in colour and when unrefined and refined it is more of an ivory or white colour.

We only use it in its unrefined form as the refining process means that it loses some of its goodness. The refining process often uses chemicals, including hexane… not something we want anywhere near our dogs! The unrefined process involves simply using water to extract the natural goodness from the African Shea… much nicer!

Why Shea Butter in our dog paw balm?

Well first off, is an amazing moisturiser for dog paws! It’s full of vitamins and fatty acids which help it to deeply penetrate and alleviate dry skin, it’s been used for a long time in cosmetic products for people as its amazing qualities have been long known! Naturally, it's these qualities that made it a must-include for our natural, moisturising dog paw balm.

Next, shea butter actually helps the skins natural collagen and it contains various acids that help to protect skin and stop it from drying out… meaning it keeps those dog paw pads healthy and soft! The natural collagen production also helps with the repairing of any cuts or scratches.

The shea butter in Soft Paws is also great after those hot days as it helps to replenish and repair those dry dog paw pads, apply some before and after those long summer hikes with your pup! It also has a natural SPF of 6, another reason to get some on your pup before a sunny outing!

One thing that really sets shea butter apart from other ingredients that we could have used or other paw balms used is it’s exceptionally large healing faction… to us normal people this means it contains a large number of vitamins and nutrients that help and foster healing! Great for those cuts and scratches after a day on the trails with the pup!

As well as summer protection for dog paws, shea butter also comes into action during the winter months as it has been known to help in the treatment of frostbite, obviously, the best thing to do would be to avoid the situation that caused the frostbite all together… but if it does happen, the shea butter in Soft Paws paw balm has your back!

Lastly, but certainly not least, shea butter has properties that can help treat skin allergies so Soft Paws should be great for the pup with sensitive skin. On top of that it can also help in treating insect bites, another unfortunately common occurrence during long walks in the grass!


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