Behind The Ingredients Of 'Soft Paws' Paw Balm: Organic, Unbleached Beeswax!

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Organic Unrefined Beeswax - Soft Paws Paw Balm - MyPamperedPup

Our paw protection balm for dog's cracked paws is a carefully handcrafted blend of ingredients we're super proud of creating. Explore how the beeswax in Soft Paws, our healing paw balm, make a real difference to your dog!


Unbleached Beeswax In Soft Paws...

We use Natural, Organic & Unbleached Beeswax as the base for Soft Paws as it creates a non-toxic & durable wax barrier which binds all the other ingredients together whilst protecting the dog paw pads from licks and being rubbed off by the dog walking around. 

Why Beeswax?

Firstly, beeswax is used as the base for our balm because we believe in its protecting abilities. As this product is for a dog's paws (& not our skin) it needs to be durable enough to cope with the stresses of its application - it can't come off when being licked, so needs to be water & tongue proof, and can't be easily rubbed off when being walked on (especially on carpets which can easily scrub off healing balms).

Beeswax helps with all of the above!

It's incredibly durable as the bees use it to create their entire house! As it's a natural wax it's waterproof so stands up to curious licks.

We've chosen unbleached beeswax in Soft Paws, this means it hasn't been allowed to be heavily exposed to the air and therefore keeps its natural colour and smell. The beeswax that we choose is totally organic, which in beeswax terms is very specific:

"Organic beeswax is sourced from hives where bees are guaranteed to not come into contact with any plants that may have had pesticide or similar contamination. Great care goes into ensuring the source for this product meets international Organic Certification Requirements. Hives are hidden away in a remote valley away from farmed and cultivated land. The bees have a natural flight distance and height limit ensuring they can only visit plants within the locality of the hives." 

How beeswax helps protect & heal your dog's paws...

We've taken great care to not only choose beeswax because it meets our need for a durable barrier and carrier base for Soft Paws. Beeswax also has a ton of paw benefits unto itself! 

Beeswax is super protective!

As we've already covered, the beeswax helps to protect the other healing ingredients in our paw balm, but it also helps keep the delicate skin of dry, cracked & damaged pads protected from debris whilst remaining breathable and not clogging pores. Beeswax is amazing for holding in both the moisturising properties of our balm and the natural moisture of the pads - because beeswax is both natural and breathable it doesn't clog the skin of the paws, allowing your dog to sweat through them and regulate their temperature comfortably. 

Beeswax is a humectant, this means it "attracts" water. When you apply beeswax to your dog's paws, they stay hydrated over time by attracting water molecules deep into the skin to hydrate any dryness and promote the healing of cracks and damage. Prolonged use and you'll find pads become super soft! 

Beeswax is naturally high in vitamin A which provides an extra moisturising hit to soothe, nourish and rejuvenate pores. 

As we use unbleached beeswax, it keeps its natural colour and fragrance. This means we don't need to add artificial colours of smells to make Soft Paws look and smell amazing. This has added benefits as the natural beeswax smell helps to deodorise any bad smells from something your dog might have stepped in! 

Finally, beeswax is amazing for soothing itching. If your dogs constantly licking their paws it could be a sign that they're uncomfortable, you should take them to the vet to get the cause of the itching addressed. Ongoing, the beeswax in Soft Paws soothes dry, irritated paws and, because beeswax is anti-allergenic it's perfect for dogs who suffer from particularly reactive skin.

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