Introducing 'Soft Nose' Dog Nose Balm From MyPamperedPup!

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We've been hard at work recently researching, designing and developing something that we believe is simply amazing. That's right, it's our brand new healing dog nose balm 'Soft Nose' to fix a dry dog nose.

Introducing Soft Nose Dog Nose Balm - MyPamperedPup

Starting out...

We knew that after launching our signature product, Soft Paws dog paw balm, we wanted to build MyPamperedPup to be the brand of choice for conscientious dog owners that really care about the products they use on their pets.

After listening to our amazing customers, and already knowing a lot about what we can do to take our business to the next level, we thought that it was essential to start developing our very own dog nose balm as dry dog noses are a real concern for owners everywhere. 

Developing Soft Nose...

We pride ourselves on doing a ton of research before we even start putting pen to paper with our natural dog products. This includes talking to our customers, learning lots as dog owners ourselves, and understanding what types of ingredients will have the most significant impact.

One thing that's totally against our product ethos is making something that doesn't work hard to do its job - none of our products contains unnecessary fillers or any ingredient that could even come close to not being good for your dog's health. 

It took us roughly three months of meticulous reading and testing to define our 'hit list' of key ingredients that we thought would make the best possible end product. We refined this further by putting some of these ingredients together in different quantities and combinations, sometimes it worked and other times, well, it really didn't!

We knew that our guiding light for Soft Nose was a powerfully healing product to fix dry dog noses and we really wanted to create the best dog nose balm available on the market.

Defining the ingredients...

Once we had refined the main ingredients that we felt would work best in Soft Nose, it was time to start seeing if these active ingredients were all we thought they would be.

They definitely were!

In the end, we were really impressed with the three healing ingredients that are world-renowned for their health benefits to humans and dogs alike.

Mango Butter

Mango butter is known around the world for its healing and moisturising properties. It's this reputation that made us immediately think it would be perfect in Soft Nose. One of the main causes of dog nose irritation is dryness so an active moisturiser to nourish the skin was essential, ultimately Soft Nose had to heal dry dog noses.

That said, mango butter is so much more than just a simple moisturiser. It's extracted from the seeds of the mango, making it naturally high in vitamin C, and so it's great at nourishing and calming dry, irritated skin. It's also amazing at calming insect bites and plant stings, and, would you believe, it also offers natural sun protection and treats sunburn. 

Also, if something's going to be sat on your nose all day, it was really important to us that it smelt great too - with mango butter, we really did hit the jackpot because it smells incredible.

Kukui Nut 

The kukui nut tree, or candlenut tree as it's also known, is the state tree of Hawaii and locals have taken advantage of its incredible health benefits for, well, ever!

Kukui was a totally unknown possibility when we started making a list of the most powerful ingredients to include in Soft Nose but our research led us to it and we just had to see what it was all about. 

Essentially, kukui nut oil is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. It's a very potent moisturiser one, because of its huge concentration of natural fatty acids, and two, because it's so readily absorbed by the skin.

One of the oldest uses for kukui nut oil is as a massage oil because of its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, this helps to soothe soreness and promote healing if there are any areas of skin damage.


We'd heard the benefits of jojoba before we started looking into Soft Nose but we didn't quite realise how powerful its effects actually are until we started digging a little deeper.

So, jojoba is called an 'oil' but we discovered that it's actually not an oil but a liquid wax. Why's that important? Well, it means that it's structure is really close to the oil naturally produced by your dog's skin. It's readily absorbed so gets to work as soon as it's applied, delivering its naturally high levels of vitamin E and B deep into the nose tissue whilst rejuvenating and hydrating the skin with long-lasting moisture.

The final result - Soft Nose dog nose balm the best treatment for dry dog noses...

After all this work, we're really proud of the final result we got with Soft Nose. We had the three main ingredients of Soft Nose nailed and knew that it was seriously powerful stuff.

The main cause of a dry dog nose is a lack of moisture within the skin's tissue. Our three key ingredients are some the hardest working natural moisturises we could find and we genuinely think that it is the very best dog nose balm available. 

Soft Nose has a really soft, creamy feel - it contains more butter than Soft Paws as this needs to be waxier in order to work. Soft Nose starts to melt as soon as you touch it and when it's applied to your dog's nose it's absorbed really quickly to nourish and hydrate the skin. 

As with all our natural dog products it's made with your dog's health in mind so it's completely lick-safe (and actually pretty delicious). As Soft Nose is in an area where your dog will almost definitely get their tongue on it, it needed to work as quickly as possible.

So there you have it!

Like all our products, Soft Nose is a labour of love - we set out to create an amazing product to improve the wellbeing of your dog and we definitely believe that we've done that.

Try Soft Nose for yourself and let us know what you think!

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