Soft Paws Dog Paw Balm: The Best Protection For Your Dog!

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Soft Paws Natural Dog Paw Balm - MyPamperedPup

Learn more about healing and protecting dog paw pads from being rough, dry, cracked and damaged with our healing 'Soft Paws' dog paw balm.

The rough ground your dog walks on takes its toll on your dog's paws and before you know it they become dry, cracked and damaged - keeping them in their best condition means not only healing any paw dryness but protecting them against harsh environments.

Soft Paws Dog Paw Balm: The Best Protection For Your Dog

Dog Paw Protection - Dog Paw Balm - MyPamperedPup

Active lifestyles take their toll on your dog's paws, a dog living in the wild would predominantly walk on grass, soil and softer surfaces, but the dogs we have as pets spend a large portion of their life walking on concrete, pavements and rough, hard ground. What this means is that they get much more worn, dry and damaged than they're naturally meant to, this dryness leads to cracking, which can then lead to infection!

Try our test out for yourself - check over your dog's paw pads, how do they feel

Are you soft and spongey; do they feel good to touch and massage?

Or, do they feel dry and rough? Healthy dog paws should be touchable, they should feel soft and squishy.

Have a look at the paws, what do they look like? Healthy paws look hydrated, free of redness and cracks; they shouldn't irritate or cause discomfort to your dog when they're touched and they should squish gently when pressed.

Rough and dry paw pads are not happy paw pads!

So, what causes dry, cracked and damaged dog paws?

Dry Dog Paws - Dog Paw Balm - MyPamperedPup

Don't get us wrong, we don't want to give you the impression that your dog needs to be wrapped up in cotton wool the whole time - a dog's life should be an adventure!

The thing is, paved roads, pavements, concrete and gravel are all surfaces your dog's paws just aren't designed to walk on; they're best suited to bounding through grassy fields - not city streets.

What's more, these hard city surfaces are even more damaging during the harsh weather conditions of summer and winter. You can read more about winter dog paw care in our blog post all about how to best care for your dog's paws during winter.

During summer the surface of the ground can be over double the air temperature!

What this means is that when you're feeling the summer heat your dog is walking around on a surface which is even hotter - most people wouldn't be able to stand walking on it for a minute, let alone a full walk! Burned paws during the height of summer are a very real risk.

Treating and healing damaged dog paw pads...

Dog paws that have become damaged by wear and tear, the summer heat, winter cold or an active lifestyle can be treated using Soft Paws, our natural, healing dog paw balm made of all-natural ingredients.

What makes Soft Paws different to other dog paw balms is that it works in several amazing ways - it's been carefully handcrafted to give immediate soothing relief for paws that are dry and irritated, whilst at the same time melting into the paw and absorbing deep into the skin to moisturise and heal from within.

What's more, we use just the right of beeswax to form the perfect barrier from curious licks (Soft Paws smells amazing so pooches tend to be drawn to a curious tongue...), this means that the healing oils and butters can work their magic without being licked away or scrubbed off through walking on treated paws.

The soothing relief is instant, but after only a few days you'll see and feel a noticeable difference to the paws themselves - many customers say that they can clearly notice dry pads becoming more nourished and moisturised and cracks starting to heal in only a few days of continued, repeat usage. This means that your dog is becoming more comfortable every time you use Soft Paws dog paw balm.

Alongside using paw balm, it's also important to keep a close eye on your dog's paws and look for certain things depending on the time of year:

Summer Dog Paw Care

During summer you should check the temperature before going outside with your dog - follow the 10-second rule and hold the back of your hand on the ground to see if it's comfortable.

If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog.

It's also important that you regularly inspect your dog's feet during summer for any potential heat damage that might have happened whilst you've been out.

Burned dog paw pads are very tender and might be red in colour; particularly burned pads may even be a blister or have skin missing so the delicate raw skin is exposed (if this happens then it's definitely required for you to take a trip to your vet).

Regular application of Soft Paws paw balm during summer keeps paws nourished and moisturised so they're resistant to the dryness from the summer heat - the beeswax barrier also helps provide an extra protective layer from the hot ground.

Winter Dog Paw Care

Winter Dog Paw Care - Dog Playing in Snow - MyPamperedPup

Winter dog paw care is much more than checking the temperature - there are hidden risks lurking all over the ground during the cold winter months such as de-icing chemicals, road salt and grit which, in only a short period of time, can really take their toll on delicate paw pads.

Following each time you take your dog for a walk, you should carefully wipe and wash your dog's paws with a warm, damp cloth to remove any traces of de-icers or road salt. If you want to read a more in-depth post about winter dog paw care you can check out.

Regular dog paw care with Soft Paws paw balm is essential during winter. The healing ingredients help to nourish paws so they're less likely to be dried out by the cold weather whilst the beeswax barrier means that they're offered some protection from irritating chemicals.

Long-term dog paw protection...

Soft Paws make your dog's paws smooth, nourished, moisturised and touchable - the secret to keeping them looking and feeling their best is to make sure you keep using Soft Paws long-term to both protect and nourish paws from damage.

The handcrafted blend of oils and butters that go into making Soft Paws the best dog paw balm for dry, cracked and damaged paws keep them protected from the elements by forming a healing barrier whilst moisturising skin cells from deep within.

Caring for your dog's paws is much more than just making them nice to see and hold - you're ensuring your dog is happy and comfortable whilst protected from dryness, cracking and paw damage long-term by maintaining healthy, moisturised paws.

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