Summer Dog Paw Balm: Our Essential Guide To Dog Paw Balm For Summer

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Summer Dog Paw Balm: Our Essential Guide

He's our quick-read rundown:

  1. Avoid the hottest parts of the day
  2. Stick to walking on grass whenever you can
  3. Paw balm up!
  4. Keep 'em clean
  5. Always keep an eye out for a limp 

How summer can affect your dog's paws...

The main hazard associated with walking dogs in the summer head is hot pavements! The pavement is able to get so hot as it spends most of the day baking in direct sunlight, the temperature of the ground can be considerably higher than the air temperature, so although it may not feel that warm, the delicate skin on your dog's paws can be directly touching a surface which is twice as hot!

In fact, when the air temperature is 25°C, the ground temperature of a pavement in direct sunlight can be in double that at 50°C and it's because of this why understanding taking the appropriate steps is so important!

What you can do...

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure your dog’s delicate paws stay safe in the hot summer weather! Read on to find out our top tips for keeping your dog's paws safe in the summer heat!

1) Avoid the hottest parts of the day!

When you know it’s going to be hot, get up that little bit earlier and walk the dog before the day really starts to warm up, usually before 11 am is a safe bet!

If you’re not much of a morning person, go for an afternoon walk instead! Any time after around 3 pm and the day starts to cool off. If you’re unsure, stand on the pavement with bare feet or use the back of your hand and this gives you a pretty good indication of if it's cool enough for your dog’s delicate paws.

2) Try to stick to walking on the grass...

If you must take your dog out whilst its pretty hot outside, instead of walking on the pavement, head to a field or the nature trails instead.

The tree cover of the trails will keep your dog shady and cool and the grass will be considerably easier on your dog’s paws.

Lastly, when you're out on the trails, make sure you have plenty of water for you and your dog!

3) Paw balm up!

Using a good paw balm on your dog’s paws will work wonders, a good coating before a walk will help to protect your dog’s paws in the summer. Soft Paws by MyPamperedPup contains beeswax which forms a protective layer.

Not only does this layer provide some protection from the heat, it provides a barrier against surfaces that could cause harm and even protect against contact with harmful chemicals.

A second coating of dog paw balm after a walk will help to ease any discomfort your dog has and will lend a healing touch to any cuts or scrapes on paws.

4) Keep ‘em clean

An after-walk 'paw check' should be a regular habit following taking your pooch outside, make sure you check for any damage or cracks on the pads or any signs of the paw’s drying out.

On top of this, check between the toes for any debris or dirt and if you find any, give the paws a quick rinse with clean, warm water and make sure they’re thoroughly washed.

5) Keep an eye out for a limp

When hiking through the countryside during the summer your dog is bound to attempt to run through some bushes or thick foliage, and more often than not they’ll manage to find the brambles or thorns! If your dog starts to limp you should give the paws a good look over and use tweezers to remove any nasties that might be lurking in between toes, in the fur, or within pads themselves.

Remember that foreign objects such as thorns or debris that become lodged in your dog's feet should always be checked over by your vet so the appropriate treatment can be given.


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