The Ultimate Guide For Caring For Your Dog's Paws (Part 2)

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It's part two! Dog paw care is something we're really passionate about here at MyPamperedPup so we've put together the perfect guide to caring for your dog's paws.

So you’ve read Part 1 of the Ultimate Guide To Dog Paw Care and loved it. If you couldn't get enough and now want your next fix... it’s time for your next fill! Read on to see our next top tips for dog paw care...

Massage those paws!

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good massage, pups are partial to a nice paw rub too!

This isn’t just to relax them and let them know they’re the boss, a dog paw balm massage actually increases blood flow and circulation to the paws. Now depending on the dog, this may not be a task for the faint hearted but a light paw massage a few times a week could make all the difference!

Gently rub the pads and in-between them, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top and rub between each toe, you may get some puzzled looks from your pooch but they’ll thank you in the future!

That walking on hot sand feeling…

We all know the feeling of walking barefoot on hot sand in the height of summer, and we know it’s certainly not a pleasant feeling, now imagine if you had to walk on hot sand for a few hours with no way of getting off and no way of telling anyone “this hurts!!” that’s what walking on hot pavement feels like to your dog!

A top tip mentioned in another of our handy blog posts is to place the back of your hand on the pavement for 10 seconds, if it’s too hot to handle, then it’s too hot for your dog’s delicate paws!

Avoid walking your dog between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm as this is the hottest time of the day and before and after these times the floor should be considerably and noticeably cooler and more manageable for your pup!

Don't forget to also liberally apply your summer dog paw balm to keep your dog's paws hydrated and protected from the summer heat.

Winter is coming...

Winter is the time when everyone gets their handy chapstick out to stop their lips becoming dry and cracking… well the same goes for your dog’s delicate paws!

Making sure you have a good moisturising and protecting regime is key here, and a product like MyPamperedPup’s Soft Paws winter dog paw balm is just the product to do it, it’s great at moisturising and keeping those paw pads from drying out and cracking, apply before a walk to protect them from chemicals like de-icer and salt on the ground and apply after a walk to keep those paw pads soft, healthy and moisturised.

Ease into it

Just because you’re a regular on the trails and can hike for miles on end, doesn’t mean your pooch who’s only walked the length of your street before can automatically keep up with you!

If you’re going to take your dog on a long hike with you, planning is key! If not, you could damage your pup’s paws as they’re not used to that kind of action. You need to build up to the distance you’d like to do and make sure they’re comfortable with it every step of the way.

If you’re getting the impression your dog isn’t keeping up with you, no problem, just take a step back and walk a slightly shorter distance next time. They’ll get there eventually just take it easy and build up to it.

Keep an eye out for bad habits!

Chewing and licking paws is usually a good sign that something is amiss. If there’s something there that’s irritating your dog's paws, the first port of call would be to give them a visual once-over, checking between toes and pads making sure there’s nothing visibly there to cause your dog an issue.

Next, give them a rinse with warm water and for extra assurance use an anti-bacterial cleaner especially for use on dogs!

If this doesn’t fix the problem, your next stop should be a trip to the vets and get a professional to have a look!

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