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Firstly, let's talk about what paw balm actually is!

Okay, so let's take things right back to basics here and understand exactly what paw balm is. There are literally hundreds of paw balms, waxes and salves out there and some are really great (we would, of course, recommend Soft Paws!) but some are not so great - the key to a great paw balm is an understanding that it's not just a rehashed version of a product meant for humans.

At its most basic level a paw balm does three very important things:

  1. It moisturises and soothes deep into the skin of the dog's paw pad, penetrating right into the cells to nourish dryness and soothe itching & irritation caused by harsh environments. 
  2. It heals from deep within, this is especially important if the paws are particularly dry, cracked and damaged.
  3. It protects the paws from further damage by the environment, this is both by creating a physical protective wax barrier and ensuring the pads are nourished so they can better heal themselves. 

Our healing dog paw balm, Soft Paws, has been specifically handcrafted to provide the very best of all these three important qualities. Soft Paws is a careful blend of natural, plant-based essential oils and butters which melt on contact with the skin, sink deeply into the paws and then slightly harden again to provide a protective barrier from the outside world... including curious tongues!

As we care deeply about the well being of pets everywhere, we wanted to craft a product specifically for dry, damaged & cracked paws, which is why the ingredients that make up our balm are what they are - they are tailored to provide the maximum benefit for your dog!

So, what is paw balm good for? Is it just for really damaged dog pads?

In a word, "no". Paw balms are for any dog, not just those who are suffering from pad problems. Usually, the majority of our customer's dogs are having at least one of some of these paw problems:

  • Dry, chapped & rough paws
  • Cracked paws
  • Peeling paws
  • Paw hyperkeratosis
  • Paw allergy symptoms
  • Damage from harsh weather conditions
  • Dry elbows

The great news is that Soft Paws dog paw balm is amazing at providing both short and medium-term healing and long-term prevention of all these paw problems. Once the initial reason for choosing a paw balm has been treated, our customers are hooked! When you use Soft Paws you'll see and feel a huge difference in the paw pad - they'll be softer, more supple and protected from the damage caused by harsh environments.

What is Dog Paw Balm Good For? MyPamperedPup Dog Paw Balm

The other side of using a paw balm is for general protection from the harsh weather conditions of both summer and winter. During the hot and cold months, your dog's paws take a beating.

Dog paw balm for summer...

In summer, hot pavements are a very real danger for dog paws that are already delicate, sore or irritated.


Did you know...

... during summer, when the air temperate is 25°C the temperature of the pavement can reach a whopping 51°C! 


It might sound far-fetched but even a brief walk on the pavement in the height of summer can burn the delicate skin of your dog's paws, whether they're damaged or not!

That said, it's important that you take your dog outside to keep them exercised and stimulated and using Soft Paws summer dog paw balm during summer is the ideal way to heal, soothe and restore moisture to paws which might be suffering from the heat of the pavement and even help with healing burns.

After a summer walk, ensure your dog has thoroughly rehydrated and clean off their paws from any small stones, pebbles or debris they might have picked up from the hot, dry pavement before liberally apply Soft Paws (after a meal or whilst distracting them with their favourite toy works best).

The healing balm is the ideal treatment for ensure paws stay supple and nourished during harsh weather. The all-natural blend of deeply-penetrating oils and butters work their magic quickly and absorb deep into the pads with ease.

Dog paw balm for winter...

During winter the threat of damage to your dog's paw pads is even greater!


Read more!

We've written a special post, dedicated to caring for delicate dog paws during winter. Don't forget to check it out when you've finished reading this...


Think about all the harshness associated with winter. Now think about it from the perspective of your pooch - there's so much that can dry out, irritate & damage paws during the colder months of the year and being prepared is key!

Dry, chapped & cracked pads from walking on the cold ground or in the snow can cause real issues for your dog - imagine walking barefoot through the snow yourself! It's really important to maintain regular walks despite the cold weather. Soft Paws is a perfect, non-invasive way of ensuring a protective, healing barrier between the paws and the snow. Apply after a walk to soothe chilly pads and nourish deep into the skin.

Another issue-causing winter problem is de-icing salt and grit. Although these salts are great for cars and pedestrians, they're not so great for delicate paw pads. Once again Soft Paws can come to rescue here as it's a great dog paw balm for winter, the natural healing and protecting properties are ideal for the harsh conditions that paws have to deal with during the coldest months of the year.

We hope that you found this post helpful and it helped to answer the question "What Is Dog Paw Balm Good For?". We truly believe that our healing and moisturising dog paw balm Soft Paws can make a real difference to your dog's well being.



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