Why We Love Our Dog Paw Balm (And Why You Should, Too!)

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We love Soft Paws, our natural, healing dog paw balm for dry, cracked & damaged pads. Read more about why we love to care for our dog, and yours, with this careful, handcrafted blend of essential oils and butters.

Why you should care for your dog's dry, cracked & damaged paws with our healing paw balm...?

When it comes to going for a walk, all dog's are agreed that it's their favourite time of day, but all that excitement takes its toll as your pooch bounds on harsh pavements.

Healthy dog paws should be spongy & hydrated - it's a common myth that paws should be rough and dry. A lot like our own feet, healthy paws should be moisturised and nourished - dry pads lead to cracks and damage, which, in turn, leads to pain, discomfort and runs the risk of being open to infection.

This is why we've worked really hard to develop Soft Paws, our healing, natural dog paw balm. We care about dogs everywhere and know that most owners just don't know the benefits of using paw balm regularly. Soft Paws has been carefully handcrafted for owners who care about the well-being of their four-legged friend. Naturally, healthy dog paws are hydrated and spongy, not cracked, dry, damaged and rough and our hydrating wax dog paw balm penetrates deep into the pad to nourish from within, repairing lost moisture and delivering healing oils right into the cells where they're needed.


The most important thing about our Soft Paws balm is that you will notice a difference straight away - continued use will ensure that your dog's pads are kept moisturised and nourished with the careful blend of healing ingredients, selected for their incredible ability to rejuvenate dry, cracked and damaged dog paws.

Soft Paws took us a fair amount of time to craft. It meant try after try until we got exactly the consistency and healing properties we knew would be best for dogs and owners everywhere. We're proud to say that our ingredients are organically and Fairtrade sourced and we use only the highest quality of oils and butters to create a paw balm to be lovingly used every day.

How often should I use your dog paw balm?

What is Dog Paw Balm Good For - MyPamperedPup Dog Paw Balm

Soft Paws isn't just for owners whose dogs are suffering from dry and painful pads. We think you get the best out of the balm by frequently applying to ensure you keep the skin nourished and protected from the elements.

We've put together this handy guide depending on the condition of your dog's paws to make sure your dog can get the maximum benefit:

Dry, Damaged & Cracked Paws - Apply at least 2-3 times per day (usually best after exercise or eating to avoid licks)

Dry Paws -  Apply 1-2 times per day (morning & evening - after walks)

'Normal' Paws - Apply 2-3 times per week to maintain soft, smooth & healthy paws

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