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There's one question that we've been getting asked a lot recently, "how come you've launched a dog nose balm?". To us, the answer is so simple - it's because dog noses are so important!


You might not know it, but a dog's nose is a really important part of their body. A dog's nose is their main way of realising the world around them and interpreting it. So much of the information that your dog receives day-to-day is gathered via their nose as a dog's sense of smell is so much more powerful than ours as humans. 


In fact, a dog's sense of smell is between 1,000 to 10,000 times more powerful than ours. On average, humans have around 5 million smell receptors. Contrastingly, a Dachshund will have roughly 125 million scent receptors and a Bloodhound has roughly 300 million.


A dog's nose isn't just incredible at what it does - it's also really unique. A dog's nose is covered in hundreds of lumps, bumps, ridges and dimples. You might not have ever thought much about it before, but your dog's nose is as unique to them as your fingerprint is to you. 


That's not all, your dog's nose can give you clues as to what's going on with them. A dry dog nose can be an indicator of dehydration and a wet nose can be closely linked to helping them stay dry in summer. Moreover, a dog will lick their nose as a signal to strangers that they're calm.


So, it's clear to us why we needed to launch a special product just for dog noses. It's because dog noses are just so important. When a dog's nose becomes dry, cracked and damaged it causes serious amounts of discomfort and irritation. It can also be painful and affect their ability to smell. Not taking care of your dog's nose can mean that it becomes less effective - which for a dog is not good at all.


When your dog's sense of smell is affected, their connection with the outside world isn't as strong. They haven't got as strong a grip on the world around them as it's such a vital sense. This, in turn, can seriously affect your pups wellbeing and lead to them feeling anxious, fearful or even depressed.


Here at MyPamperedPup, the very heart of our business is about improving the health and well-being of dogs everywhere. We work hard to create natural dog products that work hard to improve dog health. To us, it was vital we developed a natural, healing dog nose balm that really worked. If your dog has a healthy nose, they're happy and their overall health is improved. 


So, there you have it - you asked: "why is my dog's nose so important?" and we've answered! Caring for your dog goes beyond the obvious - it's about making sure that your pooch is cared for from nose to tail!



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