Winter Dog Paw Protection: Soft Paws Natural Dog Paw Balm For Winter

Dog paw balm for winter, protecting your dog's paws from the winter cold...

Soft Paws from MyPamperedPup is the ideal winter dog paw protection for when the cold, harsh conditions of winter start to bite. During the colder months, your dog's paws are exposed to the bitter cold, damaging de-icers and chemicals and salty pavements all of which cause dry, cracked and damaged pads.

Dry, damaged & cracked paw pads from cold pavements and snow:

A dog's paws can easily become dry, cracked and damaged from exposure to walking on cold pavements and trekking through snow. The skin of the paw is tough but is also easily damaged by the cold environment drying out the skin of its moisture causing cracks and painful irritation. After all, imagine yourself walking through snow wearing nothing on your feet - it won't be long before your feet start to experience the same pain and discomfort your dog might be feeling.

Treatment and prevention to take care of your dog's paws during winter is easier than you think. Soft Paws, our healing & protecting paw balm, is ideal for both the short & medium-term healing of dryness, cracks and damage and long-term protection throughout the cold winter months.

Soft Paws offers a totally non-invasive way of ensuring your dog's paws are protected throughout winter. Our essential healing oils in wax paw balm penetrates deep into the pad whilst the breathable and lick-safe beeswax barrier locks in moisture stops the cold, damp environment getting in!

The application of our paw balm couldn't be easier and your dog benefits from the balm's moisturising, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties straight away.

During the cold winter, we'd recommend that you apply the balm after each walk you and your dog take to soothe the irritation the cold can cause and protect the paws for the outing.

Dry, cracked and damaged dog paw pads from the cold winter environment are a very real problem. Protect your dog by using a natural, healing and moisturising paw balm. Choose Soft Paws dog paw balm to protect your dog!

Dry Cracked Dog Paws - Winter Paw Protection - MyPamperedPup

De-icers & chemicals and the damage they cause to delicate dog pads...

De-icer is a common sight during winter - as frozen windscreens pose a morning nuisance for motorists everywhere, many people turn to aerosol and spray de-icers to clear the way for their morning commute.

We've known for a while that chemical irritation and burns to paws are common during winter and we did some research and looked into the chemical composition of one particular popular de-icing aerosol:

  • Ammonia
  • Butane
  • Ethandiol
  • Ethanol
  • Isobutane
  • Methanol
  • Propan-2-ol
  • Propane

The safety information for treatment of these chemicals coming in contact with the skin is to "wash the area immediately with soap and water".

Dogs don't have the gift of letting us know as soon as they get dangerous chemicals in contact with their skin so it's up to us as owners to protect them. By using Soft Paws winter paw balm you're ensuring a breathable beeswax barrier protects the delicate paws from the damage the outside world can cause.

Of course, this is only one side of protecting your dog during the winter. Following a winter walk, it's important to make sure you've wiped the paws thoroughly to ensure anything they might have picked up has been removed - a huge issue is your dog licking de-icers and chemicals from their paws, accidentally ingesting it!

It's important to protect your paws from the chemicals and de-icers - by choosing Soft Paws, you're choosing a paw balm that really works!


MyPamperedPup Soft Paws Dog Paw Balm


The freezing cold, frostbite & dog paws...

The average dog walk around the world is roughly 30 minutes - this gives enough time for your dog to exert all that bottled-up energy, explore the world and do their business. The length of time it takes for exposed skin to freeze and contract frostbite - you guessed it - 30 minutes!

In winter, it's essential that responsible dog owners pay close and careful attention to the conditions they're walking their dog in. As the paws are basically exposed skin, there is a very real risk of frostbite and serious, painful damage being done to the delicate skin of the dog's paw.

Soft Paws works in two great ways. Firstly, it creates a barrier which offers some protection from the elements. Secondly, the healing balm penetrates deep into the cells of the paw to nourish, moisturise and soothe any damage that has been caused by exposure to the cold. The high concentration of vitamin E within the balm promotes cell renewal and healing meaning it's the perfect choice for owners wanting both winter treatment and protection for their dog's paws.


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