Filthy Pooch Natural Dog Shampoo, Dog Shampoo -
Filthy Pooch Natural Dog Shampoo, Dog Shampoo -

Filthy Pooch Natural Dog Shampoo

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Filthy Pooch Natural Dog Shampoo is a handmade, all-natural shampoo to deodorise, condition and soothe itchy skin. Formulated using oatmeal and aloe vera, Filthy Pooch is SLS and paraben free and perfect for dogs with dry or sensitive skin. One of finest gentle dog shampoo's you'll find around!
We're a micro, family-run online business that loves dogs and who are dedicated to providing natural, cruelty and chemical-free products to improve their wellbeing. We believe that it's up to us to make sensible choices for the care of our animals and we're committed to providing owners with high-quality, ethical and downright amazing ways to pamper their pup!

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Why Choose 'Filthy Pooch'?

So why choose ‘Filthy Pooch’ Natural Dog Shampoo? Well first and foremost, we’re proud to say that ‘Filthy Pooch’ is both SLS free and paraben free. It contains oatmeal which is a fantastic anti-inflammatory making it perfect for dogs that suffer from skin problems as it helps to moisturise and soothe troublesome itchy and dry skin.

Aloe Vera is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and an anti-inflammatory… all this adds up to a dog shampoo that will promote the healing of any minor cuts or scratches. Aloe Vera also kills the fungus responsible for causing dandruff! Leave on for even longer (around 30 mins) to really tackle that doggy dandruff. And of course, it will help to gently cleanse your dog's fur leaving it soft and moisturised.

Tea tree oil smells great and has plenty of amazing properties to help your pampered pup. Tea tree is great at helping to clear up any skin irritations, inflammation or rashes! It will help in the fight against fungal infections and works great for hot spots. Not only this, but it’s also a natural insect and parasite repellent.


Using Your Dog Shampoo

Wet your dog's coat thoroughly with warm water (test the temperature on a sensitive part of your own skin, like your wrist).

Apply Filthy Pooch liberally & work back towards the tail.

Massage the shampoo right into the fur and skin, ensuring it's well rubbed in.

Rinse off and towel dry thoroughly.

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